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Ailes diamond

Ailes Millwork:
Restoration Products

  • Wood Sash
  • Window Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Wood Mouldings
  • Wood Brackets, Corbels & Finials
  • Store Fronts
  • Replicated Antique Furniture

Restoration Technology

Advanced technology means quicker turnaround. Ailes Millwork's state-of-the-art CNC technology is both efficient and accurate. This allows us to produce large quantity orders with minimal processing time. Customers can be confident that we will meet our delivery deadlines, without sacrificing accuracy to historic detail.

Ailes Millwork has the knowledge, experience and advanced technology to manage your most complex restoration needs.

Restoration Engineering

Key elements are evaluated for the precise engineering of each project. The Engineering Department of Ailes Millwork considers wood species, construction, bending, moisture and more. Our willingness to work with architects, historians, owners and contractors on every detail, ensures project accuracy.

Project engineering mock-ups are available upon request.

Restoration Details

Ailes Millwork duplicates the most intricate detail to exact specifications. Our hand assembled, traditional wood joinery combines Old World craftsmanship with CNC precision, resulting in high quality joinery that is authentic in both detail and construction. This increases eligibility for approval in the Certification Application process for the use of federal tax incentives through the National Park Service.


Ailes diamond